Wedding Cakes From Japan

The Japanese wedding cakes are a good bit closer to what we'd consider traditional for most decorators.  They're mostly done with white icing and flowers.

What a cute couple! Nice and delicate.

I've always loved this look!  
You can also do the cherry blossoms with icing or paint them on 
although you won't get this nice 3D affect.

As you can see the cherry blossoms are popular on the Japanese cakes and for good 
reason.  Cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune and also a symbol of love, affection 
and represents spring. The cherry blossom is an enduring metaphor for the volatile nature 
of life, and as such are often illustrated in art......and cakes!

And with what appears to be the apricot flower.

Here they've used origami cranes.  
The crane is a symbol of honor, loyalty and peace to the Japanese.

This cake is huge!  I wonder if it's real!  Sometimes the Japanese use 
faux cakes for the wedding!  Don't ask me?  Maybe it's cheaper? 

Wow!  Nice!  I count eight tiers!  And they're so simply decorated!

Well, that's it for today!  I hope you enjoyed!  Come back tomorrow and see what country will be next!  Maybe I'll do a vote at the end of the week to see which cake is your favorite!