Wedding Cakes From Russia

The Russian wedding is usually planned very quickly; usually within 1-3 months!  I think it takes a brilliant mind to put together the ideas for these cakes that quickly!  I just loved the variety and uniqueness! 

Cupid shooting his love arrow!

Who would ever think of bunnies for a wedding cake?

Much less a shipwreck!  I hope the marriage wasn't a shipwreck!

This is lovely.  It was entered in a novice contest!  Novice? 

This is a romantically different wedding cake with photos and flowers.

And with the luggage already packed......time for the honey moon!

With Russia being such a cold climate, this wedding cake might be perfect year round!
But snowmen?  I told you they were unique in their ideas.

 And while we are talking about cold weather and cakes; take a look at this beauty!  
It looks like a centerpiece for a table it's so perfect!

Well, that's it for today!  We'll look at more wedding cakes from another country tomorrow!  Happy decorating and thanks for dropping by!