Wedding Cakes From China

We'll start with the more simple designs and move into the more elaborate ones!  Enjoy!

Many of the Chinese cakes I found incorporate the red with gold.  
Cute and simple.

This one reminds me of the Chinese takeout boxes!  
But it's cute!

Here we get a good bit more detail with dragons design.  I would have never thought about dragons on a wedding cake but in China dragons are referred to as the divine mythical creature that brings with it ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

And another, in the red and gold.  Although it is a tradition in China to use red, gold and green colors I couldn't find any specific article relating to the colors' representation. 

I thought the bird was a nice touch to this one! 
Love the gold flowers!

This is more of what I was looking for in terms of detail.  
Nice and colorful!

And here's the last, but not least.  

I've placed the Japanese cakes on another page.  
I think you'll find them to be more of a traditional sort of cake!