Wedding Cakes From Around Europe

The Croquembouche (crow-come-bush) comes from the French words "croquant".  And it mean crunchy and "bouche" for mouth. It's French for "cracks in your mouth!"

 Here is another twist to the Croquembouche.

And of course there is the traditional wedding cake from France.  
This one is beautiful with delicate orchid flowers.

This one from Holland is so cute!  All around Holland you can find these happy little couples dressed in the traditional blue kissing on plates, cups, and hmmm ya ya, wedding cakes!

The next three wedding cakes are from Bosnia! 
While these cakes are closer to the traditional wedding cake
they still hold a uniqueness which we as Americans don't see often.

This appears to be an oyster shell on top. 
Maybe depictiing the beautiful pearl of a wife?

How sweet!  The horse and carriage. 
Cinderella who lives happily ever after as we all hope for!

Here's a couple interesting ones from Albania!  Is that cake?

Ok, I think this Albanian is on a low budget!  I don't

Great Scott!  Its a wedding cake from Scottland!  Can you tell?

Simply Sweden.  Nice pretty, sweet.

Another Sweden wedding.  I think maybe an American marrying a Sweden?

This one from Norway is mostly almond paste cake!  Interesting.

I hope you've enjoyed these beatiful yet strangely different wedding cakes!  I have to leave you with these today as I'm planning to go to the Queen's Palace today!  I hope to be back to post tomorrow, but if not I will continue Europe on Saturday!