Guitar Flip Flops Cupcake Cake

Flip Flops Party Cake

First thing you must do is purchase the cake kit from an online source or your local Walmart or other bakery for usually around $6.50+ per kit.

Shape cupcakes in the shape of guitar.  This cake used 24 cupcakes; 22 for the cake and 2 for the flowers at the bottom separate from the cake.

Stick the cupcakes down with butter cream or some other sticky icing.  This cake was iced with white butter cream and airbrushed on the beach and ocean.  It won't be important to smooth the icing perfectly but to just evenly distribute it; there isn't any smooth surface on this cake.

Once distributed make the sand by simply lightly moving a spatula across back and forth for desired results.  For the ocean take the spatula or butter knife and make long dipping strokes into the cake, slightly turn and then whip them back out so the icing looks like white-top waves.  Using the airbrush or food color spray paint the sand using a combination of yellow and brown.  And the ocean with two tones of blue.  Afterward lightly touch the tips of the waves to make the white show again. This will give the effect of white-capped waves.

Using icing tip #21 do trim in reverse shells.  Make the flowers using the rose tip #104.  For the flowers make a ring of connecting wide-spread rosebuds and put the stamens using a small writing tip #2 or #3; leaves and area around trees, using #352.  And you're done!  you can write on the board or the cake.