European Wedding Cakes (continued)

Beginning here with a wedding cake from Finland and ending with wedding cakes from the United Kingdom, by far these aren't all the unique cakes from every country in Europe but I cover quite a few of the most well known countries.

This is a very simple wedding cake from Finland.  
Easy, 2-tiered and a touch of color.

The wedding cakes from Greece are a bit more
detailed with fern leaves and delicate flowers.

 Wow, with a bit more difficulty!  This beautiful gold
wedding cake can hold it's own against any other!

Wow, truly elegant Greek Wedding!
The icing has a sheen that gives it a nice silky look.

Nice 3 tier from Greece.  Simply delicate.

This one from Italy is simple in design but more intricate detail in decor.

Italian Meringe Wedding Cake
I  can do this!
Somewhat plain but very attractive Italian Rose Wedding cake

And certainly not lacking in detail; also from Italy.
Nice and I'm sure time consuming!

Sweet Polish Wedding Cake.
I like what they've done with the ribbon.

Also from Poland, fondant, ribbon and roses.  Elegant!
Wonder if the ribbon is edible!
Spanish with gold lace.  I can't tell if this is red or chocolate.
Either way would be beautiful!

And quite unique!  From Spain also.  
Wonder if they will ride away on the bike when the wedding's over!  Sorry...

Everything I found from Switzerland has dots!
Maybe someone can enlighten me on the history of the
Swiss and dots as I couldn't find anything about it.


Ok, Swiss dots with flowers!

Sweet from the Ukrane.  Lots of flowers!

Because the UK is like the US in terms of their residents being
from all over the world the cakes I found here represent such.

Indian from UK

Must be Indian also from UK

Arabian from UK  Huge! But beautiful!

Wow!  This is called "Luxury" (UK) and I can certainly see why!

And another "luxury" with much more detail and difficulty!

Well, that's it for wedding cakes of Europe!  I'm exhausted!  Next post will bring you more wedding cakes but of a different sort.  Not from any particular country.  But you'll have to come back to find out just what!  

Until next time.......happy baking!