Crazy Wedding Cakes From Around The World

The wedding cakes we'll look at today are the most unusual and strange cakes!  People get married every day and as I said before; culture and personality are represented in the way they choose to decorate their cakes.  And many times, so does their favorite hobby, sport, television show, holiday, etc....yeah.  I couldn't believe some of the cakes when I started looking but here is one that probably most of us have seen in the past year.  It's the James Bond Wedding Cake:

 Now you have to admit this is creative!  I mean look at the details!  Bullet holes, bad guys everywhere, plane crash, smoke stains!  This guy must have gone through hell to get this woman!

I think this groom must be an archaeologist or maybe he just likes 
pulling women out of holes!  Maybe he's another James Bond!

This couple must love literature!  Couldn't imagine a stack of books for a 
wedding cake but hey, whatever floats your boat....or books in this case!

Then we have the baseball fans!  Wonder if they met 
here while watching a game. How romantic.

And of course your loyal football/soccer fans!  This one shows the 
flags from each of their countries.  She's from Germany and he's from England!

And another Soccer.  Cute with hearts and ribbon.

And of course I can't forget American Football fans!  
Looks like Buffalo Bills fans!

Would you say this couple are shoe salesmen or just shoe fanatics? 
Maybe they own Vans shoes?

Bet you can't guess what these guys like to do!  
You got it! Scuba diving!  What fun!  Wonder if they got married under water!

How about the happy boaters?  Too cute!

Nothing like riding away on a Harley or is that a scooter?  
I think a scooter.  Maybe from Holland?

No, here's the Harley wedding cake!  Cute? Ok.  Kewl Dude!

I think these are more "classy" bikers.  Ya, I think so.

And how about the traveler?  
Could pass for a redneck cake as well.  You think?

I think they love Volkswagen.  On the road again....da da da.

Oh, hey let's give a shout out to those chicken farmers! Woo hoo!

More farmers I presume?

I'll bet you thought I forgot about the rednecks wedding cakes didn't you?
No way!  'Cause these fella's know how to dress one up!  Yep....

I teased my daughter and told her this was going to be her cake!
She and her new husband love off-roadin'!

How about a little cake with your fruit?

I think these folks must be health nuts!  Love that fruit!

I'm surprised that a lot of couples are opting for cupcake 
towers in place of wedding cakes!

Then the more elegant(?) cupcake wedding cake.  
At least there's a cake on top for the bride and groom to cut!

Love is in the air for spring weddings. Find the perfect seasonal touch in 

I'm even more surprised at this!  
Maybe they're doughnut freaks?

Incredible!  Maybe the bride and groom met in the doughnut shop?
Maybe they eat doughnuts every morning for breakfast? hmmm.

Oh my goodness!  I wonder if one of these belonged to my brother and his wife!
They got married on Halloween and wore creepy wedding clothes!

I mean, who does this?!  Totally bizaar!

I think she's going to be bored!  Half with delicate roses 
depicting the bride and half with a gamer husband!

Happy Pack Man geeks!

And the Tetris players wedding!  Nice. 

And now, for the drum roll please!  This one is a doosie!  It's not a wedding cake, but a DIVORCE cake!  Any men attending this divorce party should steer clear of this woman!  Too scary!
Way too scary!

Are you ready?

You sure?


You asked for it!  Yikes!  Dangerous woman!  
Wonder what must have gone wrong in that deal?
I'm sure it was his fault!

Well, that's all I've got for you!  I have to get off this computer!  The rattly space bar is making my husband nuts!   Hey, it's not my computer!

Hope you enjoyed!  I want to thank you in advance for any comments you may have!  Please feel free to comment below!