Saturday, November 17, 2012

Make It Festive To Set The Mood

It amazes me just how quickly the months roll by as I get older.  It seems like just last week we celebrated Independence Day and now Thanksgiving is upon us.  So I got to thinking about my past Thanksgivings with family and friends and how differently each of us decorate, cook and just enjoy each others company.

When I was young we always had a huge spread of food and all of the family got together.  If we went to my  "Mammaw Babus'" house we had one full table of food and one full table of dessert that she baked herself from scratch.  That was always my favorite table!  Thus this blog.....and my waist size! (smile).  But as I look back I think of all my friends who really went borderline-overboard with the decorations in order to make the spirit of the holiday that much more enjoyable.

We can see those traditions continuing and actually increasing amongst our younger generations.  And why not?  With all the new innovations and creative ideas popping from every corner of the world who wouldn't want to splurge to make things special?

When it comes to dessert it's always a plus to make sure the children have something sweet but also fun.  Cake pops are one idea that is relatively new with more and more people experimenting to come up with their own unique ideas.  One really neat idea I found for dessert are these Turkey Pops, found at  These little guys are simple to make and fun for the kids!

And another version using Oreo cookies was found at Cake Pops Galore.  These require a few more ingredients but I think they're worth it!  I mean who doesn't like Oreo's?  You can find other cake pop ideas for a slew of events at Cake Pops Galore.

A couple years ago I created a blog hosting some of my own creations for Thanksgiving, featuring my cupcake cakes.  I'm seeing more versions of my Turkey around the Net.  Awesome!  That means it's a great idea! (smile)  If you follow this link you can see some of those ideas Thanksgiving cake ideas.  Working for Walmart was great because they allowed me to do my own holiday cakes. These were selling as fast as I could make them!  How much fun is that; to see people grabbing something I designed myself!

In addition to dessert, table decor is very important to stir the excitement of the Day.  Creating a nice centerpiece is one way to set everyone in the mood!  And how 'bout this one?  I found the photo on but the link lead to no idea of how to make them!  My guess is they bought the pipe cleaners, eyes and colored foam from a craft store and glued them onto some miniature varieties of squash.  You can usually find hat patterns on the Internet.  Too cute!  And a great idea!

And this was so simple but really very elegant idea; lightly spray painting the squash.  I found the next two ideas at The Lady's Home Journal: 

And this next one is just glued/bonded together dried beans, lentils, etc and placed in the cornucopia.

Aren't these just so beautiful?  I love the ideas!  There are literally hundreds of websites where you can gather ideas that can cost little to nothing or if you prefer to spend some money you can find those ideas also!  Check out some of these sites for just a few great ideas for the upcoming holiday:

Good Housekeeping
Fashionably Southern
Digs Digs
Bravo Bride
Lady's Home Journal

Best of wishes from my family to yours!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until next time........happy baking!

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