Saturday, August 4, 2012

Don't Forget One Key Ingredient!

My daughter is in the Air Force, (stationed in Dover, DE) and was coming with her husband for a two week visit.  She told me she wanted to entertain the kid in him by making him a Star Wars birthday cake for his 31st birthday.  "Sounds great" I said.  I haven't made any cakes in quite a while so I was up for the job.  

We bought all the ingredients and set to work making and coloring the icing, baking the cake, etc.  I decided to use the frozen buttercream transfer method to make the Star Wars emblem; so I put that in the freezer. This time I remembered to flip my emblem backwards so when I lay it on the cake it was the right way!  Something was strange though, I kept noticing the icing wasn't going as smoothly as it should have.  When icing the cake the icing rolled up as I spread it but I didn't worry because I knew it tasted fine but was just a little thick and I knew I could use a paper towel to smooth it down like fondant.

Well we got every thing made and decorated the cake and it was alright.  I wasn't really happy with it but like I said it tasted fine and looked acceptable.  Everybody loved the cake and bragged on it but I still couldn't figure out what went wrong.....until about 3am the next morning.  That's when I was going over the ingredients in my mind, as I slept and it hit me!  I didn't add the one ingredient that would have made this cake guessed it!  The milk/water!  OMG!  What was I thinking?  What amazes me even more is that only a tablespoon of this key ingredient would have made all the difference in the world!  The recipe calls for more but that's all it would have taken for the transfers!

So when you're in a rush and you think you have it all together, check and re-check your ingredients!  

Until next time.......Happy Baking!