Monday, June 11, 2012

Fruity Cool, Fun And Oh So Easy Summer Treat

Woohoo it's Summer and school's out!  With children at home and temperatures rising, you're probably fumbling for ideas on how to not only keep them busy but also cool them off!  Here's an idea that you should find very easy and so much fun for your child.  Watermelon cutouts!  And all you need are watermelon or other melon type fruit, cookie cutters and your imagination.  Check out what I've found around the Web and get your creative juices going!  

Ok, so Joy Of Cakes doesn't always have to be about cakes but creativity with food......and cake/cookie....... paraphernalia.....yeah that's it!  (wink)

Using simple cookie cutters cut out some flowers or other design.

Add some cake icing, berries, etc

How about some flower pops?

Surprise them by showing your heart

Or fill your heart with sweetness of another kind

Make it educational by teaching numbers and a-b-c's

Use different types of fruit and let them get creative!

Or let the artist in you out of the box and make a lifelike carving!

I'm sure your ideas are popping by now and you just can't wait to get started!  I would love to hear what you are doing with your children this Summer.  Readers are always encouraged by ideas of others so please share what you've got in your bag of creativity.   

Until next time........happy baking!