Thursday, April 5, 2012

Decadent Chocolate Cakes

How would you like to learn step by step with video, how to make the most decadent chocolate cake?  Well, you'll have the opportunity to learn first hand just how you can spice up your chocolate cake; making it the hit of the party! Just what will your learn and how?

You'll learn not only how to properly work with chocolate and understand it's properties, but how to accurately measure, melt, and mix it.  How to really whip eggs, create chocolate ruffles, slice and build layers.  Learn how to balance the flavors and how to finish with the perfect presentation!  And you can learn that and more at's Chocolate Cake Class contained within 9 HDTV videos created specifically for the cause of chocolate cakes!

Don't miss the opportunity to receive a 50% discount off the class making it all the more decadent!  While you're there check out the rest of their site where you'll find patterns and tutorials for almost any craft you can think of, from crochet to paper crafts.  Take advantage of the free or low cost patterns for table decor and you'll be on your way to a most complete and elegant dinner party.

Until next time.....Happy Baking!