Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cake Decorating Made Easy!

When most people think of cake decorating they think decorating tips, pastry bags, and lots of training.  But what most people don't realize is there are many some every day kitchen items and some not quite so ordinary things that you can use to decorate a cake so easily even a child could do it!

Let's take a look at only a few of these items and I'm sure you'll find even more ideas after looking through your utensil drawers.

Fork - After icing your cake simply rake the fork lightly and steadily over the icing in various designs.  You may choose to go in only one direction or criss-cross the lines.
From Simple Cake Decorating

Table Knife or Spoon - Using the tip of the knife or back of the spoon swirl the icing and whip it up making little peaks. 
From Simple Cake Decorating


Toothpick or Pointed Knife - After icing your cake, use tubed icing found at local grocery stores and make stripes or rings on your cake.  Using a toothpick or pointed knife and drag it back and forth through the stripes to create a unique design.  The thicker your lines the nicer the effect.

Be sure to wipe off tip of knife after every line.
TLC Cooking

Plastic Sandwich Baggie - Melt chocolate candy or candy melts of your choice of color.  Pour some the melted candy into the baggie, cut a small hole in a bottom corner and squeeze your designs onto wax paper.
TLC Cooking

After the candy has melted, lift them and place them in various ways onto your cake.  Since these harden you can even stand them on edge!
TLC Cooking

Potato/Vegetable Peeler - You can also take a regular chocolate bar and a potato peeler and make chocolate curls to drop randomly over your cake.
chocolate curls
From Betty Crocker

Plastic or Paper Lace or Stencil - This is a good idea whether you want to ice the cake or leave it without icing.  Lay the lace piece on top of the cake very lightly if it is iced.  Sprinkle powdered sugar or alternatively chocolate powder over the lace then gently lift the lace without spilling the excess powder.  The results can be so beautiful and so simple.


So you can see what a little imagination can do for your cakes.  Now I'm curious what you'll find in your  kitchen to decorate your cakes with.  Please comment and share your ideas with the readers.

Until next time.......Happy Baking!