Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Fundelicious' Valentines Goodies!

I came across a really beautiful cake this morning and was just curious how many decorators are using this technique.  If you do I'd love to see some pics of your work.  It's decorating using fondant molding.  I didn't see too many cakes when I searched for it but did find one in particular that caught my eye for Valentines Day.

If you are one who uses fondant frequently and you like the flavor then use fondant, but if not, you should be able to use marzipan just as easily.  I'll post the photo of the Valentines cake and a few more sweetheart ideas as well.  Links are in the picture description if you want to go check out their sites.

From Global Sugar Art - Very nice work!

This is a technique that can be used on cookies as well.  And I did find quite a few nice looking ideas across the Net for Valentines Day.  

From Bakerella


From Cupcake Cookie Shop

I absolutely love this idea!  A cameo cookie?  Wow, nice!
From Lila Loa

And why not paint your impressions?  Painting really makes the image stand out!  And at Cookie Stamp the whole family gets involved in making these goodies!
From Cookie Stamp

Also from Cookie Stamp

To me this one is just so elegantly made... 
From My Sweet And Saucy

I would have never thought about using fondant on cupcakes this way!  Very nice!
Also From Bakerella

And of course if fondant isn't your thing or if you just wanted something less complicated and just a bit more can do the love bug cake bites!  Too cute!
From Hungry Happenings

Until next time......Happy Baking!