Friday, January 13, 2012

Brush Embroidery Decorating Techniques

Not only did I enjoy the video I posted from youtube onto my Facebook page but everyone else also did!  So I decided to make a post about it and show you some more ideas to motivate you even further.

Brush Embroidery Decorating is simply taking royal icing for cookies and buttercream or other thickened icing for cakes.  For cakes, the icing just has to have thick enough consistency that it doesn't run.  And of course for the cookies it's important to use the royal icing so it will harden into a candy.

This video isn't one that I've produced myself as this is the first time I've seen this technique.  So sit back and enjoy.  You'll find this technique so easy you'll be dying to try it on your next cake or batch of cookies!

These are beautiful and Cookie Decorator even has a video tutorial for these!

I love this delicate.
From Cakes & Sugar Flowers Blogspot

This one is even more precious.  The mint green with pink with the lacy outer!
From Orntraria-Mente-Neoc Blogspot

I wouldn't have thought about cake pops being decorated like this but hey, they're sweet.
From The Cake Poppery's

The emerald green color gives this cake an antique'ish look.  I love it!
From Rouvelee's Creations

Wow, this is gorgeous and I think my favorite!  Love the butterflies!
From Bake In Paris
Nice work!
From Bake In Paris

Add a nice colorful bouquet of Spring flowers and walah!
From Rosey Sugar Art Confectionery

Very nice

From The Knot

As you can see there are a number of uses for this technique.  I honestly believe you could paint almost any picture on your cake or cookies using this technique.  It just takes a little planning and creativity.  

If you decide to try or have already tried this technique I'd love to see pictures of your work!  You can forward them to my email and if I get enough I will make a post and display your photos with your info!

Until next time..............Happy Baking!