Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cake Pops 2011

Every year and with every holiday I find myself wondering what's new in cake designs because this is one area of artistry that is forever developing.  There is such a vast number of people, professional decorators to beginners, who have the desire to be different and bring something new to the world of cake decorating.  Luckily we have what is called the INTERNET to help connect and inspire us to create something we as individuals can identify with and appreciate.

One idea that is really beginning to take shape and become more popular and unique in their designs are the cake pops.  Cake pops start out as basically baked cake mixed with icing and molded into a ball then decorated with icing, fondant, candies or whatever your hearts desire.  Even the children can get involved!  Fun!  This year I'm seeing more and more of these and the ideas are endless!  Take a look for yourself.

12 Gold & Silver Chocolate Cake Pops

12 Christmas Chocolate Cake Pops


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And introducing cake pops from 365CakePops!  This is an awesome site and awesome work!  Creating a different cake pop for every day of the year can be a job!  This is where the real creativity comes in!  Great job!  I love all the ideas and they even have tutorials on how to create each of them!

Again, this last group is from! Which is your favorite pop?  They're so awesomely cool I can't decide on one, but I think the snowmen and the penguins. 

Hope this inspired you with some sweet ideas for the holidays!  Until next time......happy baking!