Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a Quick Hello

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't over stuff yourselves the way I did!  Seems like every holiday ends with a diet....."oh bother" (eeyore)....

We were invited by some of the most beautiful Palestinian people and had an Arabic style Thanksgiving dinner.  Really wonderful tasting food.  Love the spices!  But we still had the TURKEY!  I mean what would Thanksgiving be without a turkey and dressing?  This dressing was really spicy too.....yyyummm.  I had to take a plate...or two...home ;).  At least I don't have the whole meal sitting in my fridge to eat for the next week!
Their daughter baked some delicious pumpkin pie, another brought a basbousa style cake which I love so much!  One of my favorite Arabic desserts.  It's made from a semolina flour (or another type grain) and smothered  with a sweet sugar/rosewater syrup.  Absolutely to die for!

I baked a Swiss Carrot Cake which was a new recipe I found made with hazelnuts, almonds, carrots (of course) and lots of eggs.  The European cakes are always so delicious.  And the amazing thing is they is hardly any flour or oil in most of them.  So you get lots of protein and not a lot of sugar either......delicious!

Ok, what's on the agenda next?  Well, I'm waiting on a response from The Little Cake Shop and hope to bring you a great story from a fantastic American couple who moved to Holland and set up a very successful cake shop!  Can't wait to hear back from them so I can get started.  And then of course Christmas is just around the corner so I hope to bring you some new ideas to make your holiday that much more tasty!

Until next time........happy baking!