Sunday, October 16, 2011

 Spooky Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes
One things for sure, when Halloween rolls around there are plenty of goodies in the stores for you little one's (and big one's) sweet tooth.  I've always been a sucker for sweets but have found that homemade ones are the best and usually turn out to be the favorites of most kids, young and old.

I've found some really interesting and some really ghoulish looking cakes around the web that might give you some ideas for this Halloween's special cakes.  Some of these cakes are hard to look at even knowing in my mind they are just cakes.  These artists did an awesome "recreate" job!  I'll start with the milder one's and work my way into the more intense.  That way you can go as far as your stomach will let you go. ;)

This is a cute mummy cake with plastic spiders creeping all over it.  It's a simple cake to make and only requires three colors of icing which is nice.  It's also friendly enough for the young ones.
From "All Love Cake" Blog
From "Alpha Mom" blog

Oh, yes and they infamous eyeball cake.  Again this is easy to make and only requires a few colors.

From "Chemistry.about"
And again we can see how simple it is to make them similarly into cupcakes but with M & M's for centers.
From Hostess Blogspot
Here's a friendly looking and very colorful spider that the kids are sure to love!  I just love all the bright colors!
From Good-times Webshots

And anybody can do a spider web cake.  There are two ways it can be done; either by piping the web as shown in the picture or by making rings of icing and running a knife from the center of the cake to the bottom sides.  You can use whatever method you find easiest.
From Halloween Cake
 Also very colorful is this orange spider web cake.  Use the same method as above.  They've added candy corn as a cute decoration around the bottom.  Still staying friendly ; )
From Becky's Home Baked Cakes

Here you see the cute cupcake spiders.  It looks like they've used chocolate sprinkles, white icing, M&M's fir eyes and red licorice for the legs
From Hostess Blog
 When I saw these I just fell in love!  I've never seen this before.  I love it!  Two cookies baked very close to one another, maybe with two colorings as well.  Marshmallows pressed down for the whites of the eyes, M&M's and cashews for the nose.  It also looks like they've used chocolate icing and made the lines around the center of the eyes.  Too cute!
Another from Hostess Blog

I love the creativity of the decorator of these cookies.  Not sure how they made the haystacks but my guess is it's carved and stacked cake circles of different sizes. Then iced so the "M & M's" will stick.

But I adore this scarecrow!  White iced cupcake with M&M's, Shredded Wheat for hair and Twix bar for the front of the hat; possibly a chocolate cookie below that for the top of the hat.  I love it!
From Hostess Blog

I would say these are pretty easy to make.  Iced cupcakes sprinkled with toasted coconut and miscellaneous candies for the eyes and teeth.  Cut and not too scary.
Also By Million Talks

Here's your tomb stone.  It freaks people out if you put their name on it! ;)  Don't really want to see mine on one either.
By Zoro Swordsman Deviant Art

So ugly it's cute!  This artist did a good job making the cake look like a bathtub.  I love the characters!
By Million Talks

 Ok, we're starting to get into the ghouly looking ones now!  Here we have a potion cake made up of eyeballs and gummie worms.  Not too scary for the little ones but not too sweet either.
From Coolest-Birthday-cakes

It's a brain! cupcake.  This is really simple to do.  Just use a piping tip that is about a  5 or 6 and squirt the icing in random directions letting it pile on top of itself.  Easy and fun!
Alpha Mom
Now this one turns my stomach a little.  I'm sure it's made of icing and cake mix but it looks a little too real for me!  I would guess the fingers around the sides are made with cake wrapped in fondant to look like a real finger.  And the eyeballs could be plastic or gumballs.
From Infotube

Here's a variety of things made from cake.  Looks like mostly brains and a skinless head? 

From Halloween Cake

Yet another potion that looks a bit more real than the previous one.  Eyeballs, claws, worms.....mmmm looks delicious!  NOT  ; )
From Attention To Detail Blog

Here's another brain but made from gelatin and gummy worms.  And here's a link to a brain mold: Amazon - Brain Mold
From Million Talk 

Here's a talented decorator!  Wow, nice work!  Skull shaped cake and it appears to be gummies and a real knife!  Yikes!
By Sugarweave Blogspot

Now we're getting into the sick looking ones.  I hope I can finish this blog before losing my stomach! ;) I think this would be easy to make using chocolate icing, red strawberry gel used for strawberry shortcake or some of the piping gel dyed red and some icing..  Still it looks so creepy!
From Millions Talk

I love this one!  This took some real talent!  I would say it was airbrushed after it was designed. Looks pretty real!  Guaranteed to scare the pants off some kids and probably a lot of adults!
From Infotube

Now this one...hmmmm I don't think I could eat from.  Another talented artist.  Looks like a real arm!  But of course we know it isn't right?  Don't we?
By Million Talks

Well, I hope that gave you some ideas for this Halloween!  For me?  I think I'm staying inside with my cat. I don't do well with scary stuff! ; )

Until next time........Happy Baking!