Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make Your Cakes - And Eat Them Too!
100+ New Cake Decorating Ideas!

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THE BEST DESIGNS AND SUGAR ART TECHNIQUES  EXPLAINED STEP BY STEP WITH PHOTOGRAPHS, MOLDS AND SECRETS....is the headliner for Maria Victoria's new website Make Your Cakes.  It has been recently updated with even more fresh new designs and sugar art techniques.  New decorators can use them to learn step by step, experienced designers can use them to learn new updated techniques, or just brush up on some skills that have gone rusty.

If you sign up for the E-Tutorials you'll also receive several free tutorials.  You can choose tutorials by technique or by event.  

Her tutorials are very affordable; many being in the price range of $2-3 each!  Or you can choose a package ranging from six to thirty-six tutorials per package.   

And if you are looking for recipes; she's got recipes!  From Almond Paste Marzipan to Temperate Chocolate and everything in between you'll find here.  

Stop by and check out her site!  She's at www.makeyourcakes.com !

Until next time.......Happy Baking!