Friday, February 11, 2011

Something Fun For The "Kids" For Valentines Day

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It's time for school breaks again! Which can mean lots of fun with the children if you can get outside to do a little grocery shopping. I hope you aren't one of those still buried under three feet of snow!  I've had my share for the Winter that's for sure!

On my previous blog you have the recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing; now I'm going to turn your ear to a really neat idea for the children.  If you decided to make cookies for Valentines Day you probably already went out and bought some heart-shaped cookie cutters of several sizes.  Great if you did and if you didn't your local Walmart has a package for just a couple bucks.

We all know children love cookies and they also love jewelry!  So what I'm going to show you today are some ideas on how to combine the two to make some really nifty gifts for your little cutie petooties....ok, that's my word for cute kids!  And if you want to get a project going with them it's even better.
From My Pink Planet Blog

Necklaces are by far one of children's favorites. 
With two different size cookie cutters you can use the larger to cut the size you want and then a step smaller to cut out the inside of the smaller, giving you an outline of a heart.  String a piece of ribbon through and you have a cute necklace.  

From My Pink Planet Blog
Another way would be to simply cut out the full heart and punch a hole in the top of  the cookie dough before baking.  You might want to just insert a couple toothpicks or a broken piece of a wooden skewer and leave it in the cookies while you bake them. When it's finished baking just removed the skewer and you'll have a hole big enough to run a piece of yarn or ribbon through.

And again, here's the link to the recipes so you don't have to look for them:  The Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing recipes are found here:  By the way, I found most people liked the taste of the vanilla flavor over the almond.  Whatever design you decide to do get creative with it!  But most of all have fun with your children!  They're only young once!

Until next time......Happy Baking!

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