Friday, February 11, 2011

Something Fun For The "Kids" For Valentines Day

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It's time for school breaks again! Which can mean lots of fun with the children if you can get outside to do a little grocery shopping. I hope you aren't one of those still buried under three feet of snow!  I've had my share for the Winter that's for sure!

On my previous blog you have the recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing; now I'm going to turn your ear to a really neat idea for the children.  If you decided to make cookies for Valentines Day you probably already went out and bought some heart-shaped cookie cutters of several sizes.  Great if you did and if you didn't your local Walmart has a package for just a couple bucks.

We all know children love cookies and they also love jewelry!  So what I'm going to show you today are some ideas on how to combine the two to make some really nifty gifts for your little cutie petooties....ok, that's my word for cute kids!  And if you want to get a project going with them it's even better.
From My Pink Planet Blog

Necklaces are by far one of children's favorites. 
With two different size cookie cutters you can use the larger to cut the size you want and then a step smaller to cut out the inside of the smaller, giving you an outline of a heart.  String a piece of ribbon through and you have a cute necklace.  

From My Pink Planet Blog
Another way would be to simply cut out the full heart and punch a hole in the top of  the cookie dough before baking.  You might want to just insert a couple toothpicks or a broken piece of a wooden skewer and leave it in the cookies while you bake them. When it's finished baking just removed the skewer and you'll have a hole big enough to run a piece of yarn or ribbon through.

And again, here's the link to the recipes so you don't have to look for them:  The Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing recipes are found here:  By the way, I found most people liked the taste of the vanilla flavor over the almond.  Whatever design you decide to do get creative with it!  But most of all have fun with your children!  They're only young once!

Until next time......Happy Baking!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

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Valentines Cookies

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There's one thing for sure when it comes to sweets, Valentines Day is one of the sweetest day's of the year!  There are probably as many varieties of goodies filling the stores during this holiday as there are during Halloween.   And while there is an abundance of nice 'looking' goodies out there, they are also filled with preservatives and other ingredients that you may not want to feed your love.  That's why we bakers stay in business!  Nowadays many people are moving away from the store-bought items and moving more towards homemade or "from scratch" goodies.  They are just healthier.  Not to say that all that sugar is healthy but you have the options of reducing the sugars and with little or no preservatives, which in turn gives them a much more natural taste, homemade is better than the alternative store bought brands.


Today I'd like to reintroduce to you the cookie recipe that I have mentioned in previous posts which is excellent if you want to put together some decorated Valentines sugar cookies for the children or maybe even a cookie bouquet for your grownup love.  You can find that recipe here:  And after you've gotten the recipes come back and take a look at some Valentine goodies you can make with it!

From Confetti-American Style Cakes
As usual, I surfed the web to find the most attractive ideas which you can alter to reveal your own creative spirit.  Changing color patterns and borders; writing messages, etc.  You might even consider printing some hand drawn items in miniature size (compile on one sheet), take them to your local Walmart and ask them to scan them onto some edible paper.  The cost is around $6 per sheet.  But if you have them reduced onto one sheet that's your cost for all your images.  Cut them out, put some royal icing on the cookie, remove your pic from the sheet and stick it onto the cookie!  Decorate around it with some royal icing and you've got yourself a unique sweetheart cookie that will be more than pleasing to the receiver.

So without further ado, here are some of the ideas I found!

From Blue Velvet Vintage
 As you can see you don't have to stick with the typical pink, red and white colors used for Valentines.  You can get awesome looking cookies with a variety of other colors.

From Cake Central

Swirling two or three colors together before applying it to the cookie gives you this nice marbled look.

From Sweet Topia
This design was made simply by having the icing thin enough to swirl through after it was applied to the cookie.  The red applied first then drops of white.  All you do to get the hearts is run through the middle of the drops of white with a toothpick in one direction.  If they aren't pronounced enough you can go back through in the same direction one more time.

From Gorgeous Cakes

Once the initial color has been applied and allowed to dry completely you can take an icing bag with a small writing tip and make your designs as such.  It's usually a good idea to plan your design on paper beforehand.

From Gorgeous Cakes

Parts of these have not only been drawn on but also stenciled.  Nice idea!  Do the stenciling first since you have to lay the stencil onto the cookie and you don't want to mess up any drawn parts.

From Little Lovableness Blog

As I mentioned in the first part of this blog using printable icing sheets is a great way to transfer some really cute images to your cookies.  Print several onto one sheet of copy paper and have Walmart print them onto the icing sheets for you.  Again about $6 per sheet.  Remember to apply icing to the cookie first then lay on the image, follow with trim or other decorations.

From Cancun Cookies Blogspot

Using two different size cookie cutters you can really get creative!  The bottom cookie has been iced completely with pink royal icing and while it's still very wet the red and white lines applied.  After it has set but not completely dry add your smaller cookie either pre-decorated and dry or decorate after you apply it. 
From Valentines Day Gifts Online

How about a bouquet of roses.....that you can eat?? Yum!

Doggy Heart

Ok, ok.... so it's not a cookie!  But it's cute as one!

From Nannys Sugar Cookies

Who says heart cookies aren't for men or boys? This is an excellent way to say 'I love you' to the young man or the sports addict in your life! 

From Cake Central

Or for the more esteemed man, how about some blue for masculinity?

From Shop Shack Site

Who says you have to use hearts?  How 'bout some boxers?  Too cute!

From Random Fancy Blog

For a sexier twist you might turn those hearts into.....well.... boobs and butts!  haha  I would have never thought of this!  Very creative minds....  ; )  but really good idea.

From Cake Central

You can also do lips.....

From Etsy
And more lips with a message.....

From Sweet Art Factory

And cupcakes and tags.....
From Central Florida Cookies
And cookie baskets for those little ones....Love these faces

From Central Florida Cookies
Baskets for the older children!  

From Central Florida Cookies

From Carries Cookies
If you don't want to do baskets you can buy these cellophane bags at your local craft store.  
And the following are just some more nifty neat ideas to stir the creativity.....
From Well Kiss My Frosting

From Cookies Creation Blog

From Save The Date For Cupcakes

From Sugar Cookie Recipes

From Thrifty Fun


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