Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Your Cakes
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If you remember back in August I posted a blog about "Make Your Cakes" website. This is an ever-growing site with recipes, material descriptions and directions for some of the most beautiful cake designs.  She's constantly adding more cake ideas so always check her site if you need something fresh and new.

This site was created by Arq. María Victoria Pomponi.  She founded the Maria Victoria Pomponis Institute in 1986.  She gives lessons all around the country and abroad. She makes annual expositions with her pupils where they show their achievements. She was cakes decorating jury in different national and international competitions.  She shows her knowledge in many TV programmes.  Author and editor of Tortas y algo más, Sukkar, and Sugar magazines.  Author and editor of books and manuals.  She uses the Step by Step method in all her publications with a photograph for each movement of the explanation getting that all readers can make their own work.  Since all the success in the country and abroad, she shows her products in ICES International Cake Exploration Societé, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Her passion for teaching and her desires of forming the pupils from different parts of the world, takes her and her daughters to show all her knowledge through the web.  

Click HERE to go directly to her site and see what she has to offer you!  Below you'll also find some of her books listed on Amazon.com.  Until next time........happy baking!

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