Friday, October 22, 2010

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My John Deere Cake - A Hit!
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Well, earlier in the week I asked if anyone had ideas for a birthday cake for an old time farmer who was turning 88 years old.  I received a few responses but decided to go with my own idea.  Because I only had a day's notice on getting the cake made I decided to go with the John Deere theme.  As many of you know Walmart and other supply stores carry the simple tractor kit.  I bought this and decided to give it a little more character.  I wanted to add a barn in the field.

Many of my projects are last minute and thrown together ideas, like this one.  But so far a success!   So what I came up with this time is a cookie barn.  I made some sugar cookie dough with a recipe that I have found to work well with the royal icing.  And cut it into the shapes I needed for the barn.  Baked them and walah!  I would have a barn that was going to take half of the cake! Yikes!

Barn made from sugar cookies and royal icing
Ok, it's 9o'clock at night and I'm thinking I'm going to have to make more cookie dough.  Not a nice feeling since I need to wake up at 5am the next morning mind you.  So I decided to take a rigid blade, sharp knife and lightly saw my way into smaller pieces.  It worked!  Some of the pieces chipped off and left slightly jagged edges but since I was going to be putting royal icing on it I figured it wouldn't show; and it didn't.  Whew!

Made up my icing using the Royal Icing recipe as it is written on Wilton's website.  I left it thick so it would bond well and harden quickly.  Worked like a charm!  While I smoothed on the icing I made strokes with a case/butter knife so it would give an old wooden affect.  I then put the farmer's company initials on the roof.  I wanted to put See Rock City but oh well, maybe next time.

Here's my finished results, tell me what you think:

John Deere Tractor Cake with Cookie Barn

Rose told me the 88 year old farmer told his wife "don't let anything happen to my barn".  I asked if he planned to cover it in resin and use it for a paperweight!  LOL  But it just goes to show how special little ideas can be for someone. 

So go make a memory for someone today!  Until next time happy baking.......

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