Wednesday, October 6, 2010


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As a decorator many times we find that we need items to complete "the look" yet we can't make it with icing, we can't find it in the store but it might be possible to make it by hand if the right supplies can be found.  I came across such a situation two weeks ago while making the Princess Castle Cake.

This particular cake uses a kit that you can buy at various places such as WalMart.  However, I wanted to make the larger version which I saw on the Internet.  The store didn't have that kit and I didn't have time to order online.  What I did was purchase the basic kit at the store for $15 and they had separate trees and butterflies that would work.  What they didn't have was a garden arbor.

I searched the toy department, Hobby Lobby, toy stores that had the model house kits, etc.  I couldn't find one anywhere except online.  And again, I didn't have time to wait.  I had to find some way of making one myself.  First I thought of cutting it out of a sturdy paper or plastic coated paper.  That didn't work; too many tiny holes to cut and it didn't look nice or realistic.  I went back through Hobby Lobby for more ideas.  Finally it hit me!  Plastic cross-stitch canvas!  Alas my troubles are over!

I took a sheet home and cut it at an angle from one corner to the opposing diagonal corner.  Gave some room for "legs" to stick into the cake and began cutting to make the holes slightly larger to give it a lattice look.  Walla!  I did it! 

When I finished the other decorations I made icing vines across the top and put tiny flowers to add a more delicate look.

And here's the finished product!  Not too bad I don't think.

Always remember to look to all your resources before giving up!  Until next time.....happy baking!

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