Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun to Make Monkey Cake
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While this fella looks like a lot of work, it's quite the opposite.  He is made from 7 - 7" round cakes and two cupcakes.  That's it!  The only carving done was for the feet.  Here's how I did it:

After coloring your decorator's icing the desired colors, on a full-sheet board, stack two of the 7" layers, icing between them if desired within 5 inches of the top of the board and centered vertically.  Then place the next stack of two layers touching and just below the first ones.  Ice the sides and just about 1/2" around the top of your layers, smoothing it as best you can.  Then ice the center of the top and smooth it.  You may want to go back over the outer area of the top with a wide-tip piping to make it as perfect as possible.

Next Take a single layer and center it on top of what you already have iced, positioning it slightly more to the top as you want the belly to be larger than the eye area.  Ice this layer and smooth it.  After about 30 minutes the layers should start to crust over and you can take a paper towel or parchment paper and lay it lightly onto the cake and gently smooth it with the palm of your hand.  If it's still sticky, wait a few minutes longer.

For the ears take a single cupcake for each ear and cut the bottom off at an angle from top corner to the opposite bottom corner.  Lay them with the taller side on the outside and the short side touching the side of the head.  Ice them using the same process.  You may find a smaller piping tip and a smaller size spatula or spreading tool works best for getting close to the cake when doing the ears.    
Pipe on your arms, eyes, nose, mouth and don't forget the belly-button!  If you want to do numbers; put the numbers onto the board after making the arms but before doing the hands as you'll want the fingers to wrap around the number as if he is holding it.

With this cake you can play around with it and make it a female, adding a flower in the hair or clothes, etc.  When I started making these at Walmart, I had at least three orders per week for this cake.  Children really love monkeys!  I only wish I had taken pics step by step for these instructions.  If you have questions feel free to write me or comment below.

Until next time.........happy baking!

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