Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cake Decorating Tricks and Tips
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Here are some simple tricks that will help you make a more perfect looking cake every time!
1)   Instead of trying to slice across your cake to make the top level try using a cake leveler to make your layers evenly flat.  This handy tool works wonders.  

2)   To help get the smoothest icing, apply a thin layer of icing to your cake (also known as a crumb coat).  Set it in the refrigerator until it hardens slightly then ice the cake using a angled spreader.  Smoothing the sides first then the top last. Once the icing crusts over you can lay parchment paper lightly onto the cake and gently smooth the icing with the palm of your hand or with the angled spatula.  You should get a fondant look by doing  this.

3)  If you're having difficulty getting the icing smooth a hot knife can do wonders.  Just keep a tall glass of hot water and paper towel nearby while you're frosting the cake.  Make sure to dry the water thoroughly from the knife before laying it on the cake.

4)   When piping straight lines onto a cake pre-mark the cake using the edge of a ruler.  This makes it so much easier to obtain the straightest lines possible.  Piping should always be done with the piping bag head in a vertical position with the tip about a quarter of an inch above the cake for your best results.

5)   Always choose the right icing for the occasion.  Royal icings are usually stiff and work best for decorating cookies and gingerbread house type projects.  Decorator icing is also a stiffer icing and can be used for piping flowers and edging.  Buttercream is not as stiff as decorators icing so it can be used to ice the cake as well as for trim and flowers.  Whipped icings are delicious but because they don't dry or stiffen any aren't as preferable for most decorators.  However you can mix cream cheese and whipped cream to get a more desirable result.

Until next time......Happy Baking!

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