Monday, September 27, 2010

What To Do With The Extra Icing And Cake Shavings?
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So you've spent hours cutting your cake into the perfect shape for that special order and it's all nicely iced and beautifully decorated.  Order's finished; but now you find yourself with leftovers that you really don't want to just throw in the trash.  I have some suggestions.

The cake can be fed to the birds or you could spend some special time with your children feeding the ducks at the duck pond.  Or how about this? What if you could make those scraps into an even better dessert for yourself or the neighborhood children?  Sounds good huh?

I used to just freeze the cake and the icing in separate containers if I wasn't going to be decorating for a while.  What I do now is crumble the cake in a bowl and dump any icing that was left over into the cake.  Mix it good, put it in a freezable bowl with lid and freeze it together.

Then when you want to serve cake just take your handy little ice cream scoop, scoop out a nice round serving and plop it into a dessert dish.  Serve it with some ice cream, sprinkles and/or flavored syrup topping.  It's so quick and easy!

See?  It looks like ice cream!  You might even try putting alternate scoops of cake and ice cream into a cone!  Or shaping a scoop into a tight ball and placing it on a stick; then dip it in a delicious chocolate that will harden into a candy shell!  Yumm!

 The best part is there is NO waste!  But I didn't say no WAIST! (smile)

 Until next time.....happy baking!

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