Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top Cake Selling Tips
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If you've ever wanted to start a cake business then you already know that it's not always so easy to get started.  Regular clientele is the biggest thing that will keep you going.  If you have happy customers who love your cakes they will buy again and then tell Susie who will tell Bob who will .......well you get the picture.  Below I've made a list of cake selling tips that may just help you get your imagination going.  I hope you'll share your ideas as well.

-Get listed with all of the wedding planners in your area that you can possibly find.  They are the folks that usually get the call first when there's going to be a wedding.  And they would most likely be the one ordering the cake.

-Do likewise with photographers.  While many wedding planners take care of hiring the photographer, you need to cover those people who don't hire a wedding planner and are hiring a photographer.

-You might want to make special offers to get them to market for you as I'm sure they have numerous other decorators that have the same request as you.

-Get with businesses in your area and offer to do their first cake for free.  If the employees like it then you've got more clients; and they'll tell their friends and so on. 

-Make a punch card with your contact information on it.  Get yourself a special whole punch or  use special labels and offer a free cake after they've purchased ten cakes.

-Make stickers with your contact information on them which you'll place on each and every item that you sell.  Make sure it's in a place where it will be noticed.  And don't seal the box with it because it will be torn when opened and no one will know who made the cake.

-Get involved in bake sells at the local schools.  Make sure you put your sticker on the individually sliced items as well.

-Specialize in cakes that no one else does.  For instance diabetic cakes or specialty tortes.

-Enter into decorating or tasting contests.  Even if you don't win first place, everyone will see what a wonderful job you do and how nicely your cakes taste.

-If you don't have a licensed kitchen you can, in most states, sell at your local Farmers Markets.  You usually have to sell whole items and not individual servings.  Bake up some cakes and get there early in the morning when it's cool.  You may want to invest in a portable cooler to keep the cakes fresh.  Offer  a saucer with samples to get the taste buds wanting more.

-Always check with your local Health Department or Department of Agriculture in order to know the laws on selling from home as well as opening a bakery.  Many people sell without first consulting the authorities and they get by for some time, but they really take the risk of being fined if found out.

-Offer classes to the local community or even via podcast for $25-40 per class.  There are so many people out there who'd love to learn your skills.  Why not teach it for a profit?

Well, I certainly hope that helped on some note.  If you have ideas of your own, help us out.  I thank you in advance for any post that will stir the mind into creativity! 

Thanks for stopping by and until next time....happy baking!