Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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What Does A Ramadan Cake Look Like?

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Today began a special holiday for many countries around the world.  For others it will begin tomorrow.  Ramadan is a wondrous celebration for Muslim believers, many who follow the Quran by fasting for thirty consecutive days.  No food, drink, cigarettes, etc are consumed during the fast which lasts from dawn until sunset each day.  But once the fasting is done and the evening prayer is said, Muslims celebrate with eating and celebration.

Of course this eating and celebration isn't complete without the traditional sweets such as baklava, mamoul, and kanafee among others.  I was curious about what kind of cakes are made during this celebration so I looked around the web and found a few nice little delicacies.

Blue sky with stars and crescent moon
Mosque skyline

Pretty swirls

Bouquet of flowers
Detailed cupcakes

Well, there isn't that much of a variety out there from what I can see!  I did find some mosque cakes which were really nice but I couldn't tell if they were dedicated to Ramadan, Eid or birthday. 

Grace Home Cakes
Delicious Delights

It will be interesting to see what decorators come up with this year.  If you get special orders I'd love to see pics! 

Until next time.....happy baking!