Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out Of Ideas For Cakes?
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Then come check this out!  I'm browsing as usual just checking out all sorts of stuff and I came across this website that, to me, is really a nifty idea.  Maria Victoria Pomponi of Make Your Cakes Store has come up with the idea of selling detailed instructions to her cakes.  Wonderful news for people like myself who can't pull a rabbit out of a hat much less my head!  She has a freebie that you can download in PDF to see exactly what you'd be getting and for the instructions that she sells, well, there only a buck fifty cents up to two dollars!  You can't beat that!  She also offers recipes and secrets free of charge that can be printed from her site.

Screen Shot of Make Your Cakes

Another section called the materials section details each type of tool, utensil, ingredient, etc that would be used in any one of her cake designs.  Say you need to use a spatula and decorating bag.  Here's what it says about them:

•  Spatula: it is made from plastic and it is used
   for beating icing (not Australian icing)

•  Decorating bag: It is used for icing and it has
   sometimes a plastic coupler where it can be
   used different tips for different types of
   decoration.(not all tips are able to use with

And every item is presented in the same manner.  Who could ask for more? 

If you'd like to see more go here to check out her site.  It's really awesome now and I'm sure once she makes all of her cake directions available it'll be even more awesome!

Until next time.... happy baking!