Monday, August 2, 2010

Decorating Cakes Using Personal Routers!

I want to apologize for not being able to post even the minimum this week.  It's been crazy trying to get into my new apartment and getting internet hooked back up!  Seems more difficult as time goes on, to get things done, as companies are so understaffed and the employees overworked!  But I thank God every day that I at least have a job and a place to live as many don't.  And of course that I have nice people who take time out to read my blog!

Today I'm going to be talking about a technique I came across this morning. A nice lady, Linda McClure, uses the Gazelle by BossKut and calls it her 'Creative Design' method of decorating cakes. Martha Stewart has a similar machine called the Cricut. Using a Bosskut Gazelle she cuts out designs for her cakes.  This method is a bit different than printing the image onto gum paste sheets and having to cut them out by hand using scissors.  If you've ever done this you know how terribly painstaking that is especially if you have several items on one sheet!  The pre-made sheets dry out quickly and begins to crack if you're not fast and you don't get nice smooth edges with scissors either!  With these machines you can use the pre-made sheets or roll out your own gum paste! This way will save you much time and give you awesome looking enhancements to your cakes! 

By Carries Cakes
Bosskut Gazelle is a type of home router which was invented for cutting and embossing paper used for making scrapbooks and greeting cards. The Cricut was created specifically for decorating desserts.  The good news is they both can be used for cutting gum paste and icing sheets to create almost anything you want!  From animals to swirly designs you can really impress your friends and with much less effort than trying to hand-paint them onto the cake with food color or icing!  And even more simple than working with fondant!
 By Linda McClure
This technique can be used for making animals, perfect lettering and manuscript, detailed lace, feathers, swirly designs and more!  You can even create perfect snowflakes!  Print it out onto the sheet of icing or gum paste paper using a printer that uses food color ink, then using the Gazelle or Cricut to cut it out!  It's that simple!  What's wonderful with the these machines is that you can cut out a page-full of pictures in one run and with a perfect cut!  Definitely a time saver when considering how long it takes to cut them out by hand!  Once you have them cut out simply remove them from the sheets and place them onto your cake!

Again, thanks for your feedback!  I would like to hear from you!  Please comment below.  Happy baking!

If you're interested in purchasing other items for the BossKut Gazelle or Cricut check out the links below for pricing from!

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