Monday, August 23, 2010

Colors Of The Rainbow

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Like many of you, I had a fairly good life.  Not extravagant by any means but my family had what we needed and a little of what we wanted.  There were good times and bad times as well.  But one of the things I learned at a young age was just how stimulating and rejuvenating colors were.  How when I had those down times, certain colors boosted me up and I felt better inside.  When I had my first child I decorated her room in bright stimulating colors to get her mind busy and boy was she ever!  She kept me on the run! And she was a bubbly little girl!  When I worked in a childcare center in Tampa, FL I always tried to stimulate the children with color as well.

While I was working there back in 1990 one of the children had a birthday party at the school.  The parent brought this cake that was unbelievable and I haven't found a recipe nor tasted a cake quite like it since.  It was a rainbow cake.  I know you're saying "But there's rainbow cakes all over the internet".  Not like this one.  Each layer had a gentle fruit taste.  Each layer was flavored according to its color; cherry for red, orange for orange, lemon for yellow, etc.  And the icing was a fruity taste as well.  The taste was so enjoyable that I've been searching for a recipe like this ever since.

I've found several ideas for how to color the cake and some for adding the flavor which by the way is difficult to find in all the varieties you want, like blueberry.  One recipe that I tried which was a total bomb was to use koolaid to color and flavor at the same time!  DON'T DO IT!  The koolaid interacted with the baking soda and the layers went flat!  I should have know better, I know.  My granddaughter, who was three at the time, took a bite of her beautifully colored cake and just looked at me with this "what the hell did you just feed me" look!  Another was to use jello gelatin but I think that also would make the cake a bit gooey; not fluffy the way I want it.  I finally found this company that makes the flavors to order.  And yes, I got blueberry.  Does it taste like blueberry?  But it's close enough.  Have I attempted the cake again?  Not yet.  It may be a while......

I've posted some more nice pics below of "the rainbow cake".  They're basically white cake with food coloring and each tiny layer baked individually, then put together with your choice of icing or each color poured into the next but not stirred. Some with white icing, others chocolate.  When you cut into just watch the children's eyes brighten!

Until next time.....happy baking!

Until next time........Happy Baking!

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