Thursday, August 5, 2010

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Baking with Children (Cont.)

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I'd like to continue on the subject of baking with children before school starts back.  The Summer has been short for our children, and probably seems long for some parents, but either way the free time will soon be gone and our time will be taken up with homework and studies.  Not much fun for most!

Today I'd like to show you a very simple idea that children always love!  Cupcake puppies!  There are several ways you can decorate them so encourage your children to be creative!  You can use a homemade recipe or just buy the boxed "stuff" and follow the directions.  After all the most fun with these is going to come from decorating them!

It's best to bake your cupcakes in the paper cupcake cups that way you can opt to decorate just the top or you can remove the paper and decorate the whole thing!  Once you have them baked let them cool completely You don't want to add icing when hot or your cupcakes will look like those cartoon characters that just melt away!  In the mean time prepare your icing if you're making homemade.

Taken from Laura Rebecca's Kitchen
One way to decorate them is by using some decorator icing tips and icing bag.  You can buy a cheap plastic set for a few bucks at your local WalMart....yeah, I said the dirty word!  Sorry.  Use 1 and 1/2 cupcakes with cupcake paper removed.  Cut the one in half horizontally then stick them onto a small board or paper plate using some of the icing to prevent them from moving.  Put them close enough that they touch.  Then using the icing bag and the edging tip, usually #21 or 22 or even the leaf tip, go over the cupcakes starting in the top center and make strips that go to down to the saucer like hair.  After you've covered the cupcakes completely add another strip down the highest end for the tail.  Add more to the front for the cheeks and nose. Add little ears. If you have food coloring, color some pink for the bow and tongue and black for eyes and nose.  You can also make eyes, tongue and nose using candies if you prefer.

Taken from Pink Party Gurl

Here's the same idea but with only one cupcake, the leaf tip with just the head!  Too cute!  If you're really creative you can do cats, mice, or anything that crawls!

Taken from Food Network

Another, simpler way to decorate them is by simply smearing the icing on the tops only.  You'll want to make it kind of thick.  Add mini-marshmallows as seen in the picture below, pressing them into the icing. Use candies such as mini-morsels (chocolate chips) for nose and feet.  Buy a variety of candies in many different colors so your children can be as creative as they like!  They also have colored marshmallows so if they want they can have a rainbow puppy! or whatever animal they choose to call it!

 I hope this gives you some ideas to share with your children.  And I hope you will enjoy making happy memories with them!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please take a minute to tell me what you think.  I would love to hear from you!  Tell me how I'm doing!  Until tomorrow....happy baking!

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