Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Awesome Affects Of Sugar Veil

I've seen a lot of really 'kewl' cake decorating techniques and some really awesome talents in the cake decorating business.  Many of you just astound me with your creativity and attention to detail!  I only wish I could decorate like you!  Maybe one day!  Until then I will just try to keep you up to date on new technologies and innovations that will help make your decorating more interesting and less time consuming.

By now I'm sure many of you have already seen the Sugar Veil technique of decorating; and many have not.  This "secret" icing dries to be hard enough to pick up with your hands yet flexible enough to bend around corners and can be molded into so many shapes that simply take time off your work.  Sugar Veil has a lace mat that you can use to mold the icing into a fine lace which can then be cut into different size pieces and placed on cakes, cookies, candy, etc.  But it doesn't stop at lace; it comes with an icing dispenser that allows you to draw with precision, any design no matter how incredibly fine the lines!  If you can't draw, use wax paper placed over a picture and trace it!  This dispenser releases only what you allow it to based on the pressure you put on the hole in the dispenser tube!
The ideas are endless once you see how this product works!  I believe you could even spread and dry it into sheets and cut with a router like the ones in yesterdays post.

I mean check out these cookies!  Wouldn't your children and their classmates love these?!

Wedding Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas

Or these for a wedding shower! 

Very nice for wedding cakes as well!

So you see the possibilities are endless!  And what's more gratifying than to create a custom cake with awesome detail and not have to spend the time you would normally spend using basic icing?  Believe me, I've watched the artists on Ace of Cakes as they've sat for hours upon hours hand drawing lacy details!  I wouldn't have the patience!

If you'd like to see more on the Sugar Veil method, click here for some video!  And if you've made some cakes using this method I would love it if you'd send or post some pics!

Until next time.........happy baking!

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