Monday, July 26, 2010

What In The World Are Wedding Cakes Coming To? (grand finally)

I will be flying out tomorrow to go back to the USA.  I won't have my new home until later in the week and will be staying with friends and won't have access to my computer.  But hopefully I will manage to keep you 'posted' on things going on in the world of decorating!  No pun intended!

Today is the last day for Wedding Cakes Around The World!  We saw some really beautiful and interesting cakes over the last several posts and today I'm bringing you more, but with a slightly different twist!

Wedding Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas

The wedding cakes we'll look at today are the most unusual and strange cakes!  People get married every day and as I said before; culture and personality are represented in the way they choose to decorate their cakes.  And many times, so does their favorite hobby, sport, television show, holiday, etc....yeah.  I couldn't believe some of the cakes when I started looking but here is one that probably most of us have seen in the past year.  It's the James Bond Wedding Cake:

 Now you have to admit this is creative!  I mean look at the details!  Bullet holes, bad guys everywhere, plane crash, smoke stains!  This guy must have gone through hell to get this woman!

That was your sneak peak, now let's go look at some really strange ones....