Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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What Did Your Olympics Cake Look Like?

What better way to celebrate the Olympic games than with a nicely decorated cake? While the teams are out there killing themselves to make the medal others are toiling away with ways to make the cake! I think to most people making those perfect rings comes pretty easy; but as for me? If I don't use a circle cookie cutter or the mouth of a glass it looks like I have Parkinson's or something like that! So if you can draw a perfect circle, I'm proud of you! (smile)

Out of curiosity I decided to search the web to see what people were doing for the Olympic celebrations and ended up basically just checking out the Olympic cakes being published. My first expectations were just some basic sheet cakes with the rings in the center; but I actually found some quite interesting one's out there! Take a look at this one posted on "Serious Eats" and then we'll get serious!

Ya, I think there was a lack of communication on this one too! Too funny!

Ok, now...this was more like what I was expecting. It's a basic sheet cake, nicely done and neatly organized posted on "Kathy's Cakes".

I like this one posted on "Isn't That Sweet?" she added an abstract along with the rings. And again, a very nicely decorated cake.

This type of decorating is not as easy as just putting the rings. Unless you do a technique called a 'frozen butter cream transfer' you will have to draw the shapes on and make sure you don't exceed the border of each color.

Something you will notice with a larger view of this cake is it has tiny cracks in the icing which usually results from water being used to smooth the cake. While there are certain conditions where water is the only solution; for instance when the icing is too moist or the weather is too humid and it just won't dry on the surface, there's another technique I prefer instead of water. I use a sanitary paper towel or lent-free cloth that has very little texture to it. Once the icing has a chance to air-dry slightly you can lay the paper towel lightly on the cake and smooth it with your hand or a fondant smoother. The results are similar to fondant! This works best with butter cream icing and the like. And remember that you don't always have to use either technique. Most of the time you can get nice results with the white icing spreaders.

Another idea is to make a sheet cake larger than the desired size and cut out the shape of the rings. Like this one from "Cake Central".

Using a variety of tips you can make it a textured cake like Joanne did with this one iced with the star tip. When you cut the cake out, unlike with cupcakes, you can ice the sides and put a nice trim along the bottom. This is the way this cake was made and it's really quite nice!

This next artist, yes cake artist, made a beautifully neat cake tower for the Olympics.  She isn't just a decorator with this kind of work, but an Artist! Created by Sandra of "socake", (Flickr page).

This one appears to have been done with fondant although I'm not sure what type. It looks to be a 7" round cake on top with probably 24 cupcakes surrounding it. Very nice work!

I haven't gotten the chance to work with fondant as I've been out of the country for two months but when I return I hope to dig in and get my fingers sticky!

You can get a similar effect with butter cream icing smoothed with a paper towel, but it won't be this good! And depending on the "eaters choice" you may not want to use fondant.

I found this next one to be a really cute and easy idea for a children project and it's from Kid's Spot. It's simple to make and if you don't have time (or the pans) to bake the cake yourself you might check with that good ole Walmart bakery and see if they will sell you the pre-made cake bread! They sell just about anything that isn't glued down! No kidding!

They made this by using large and small cookie cutters and cutting the rings from a large sheet cake. Mix some food coloring with white, pre-made icing and wallah! Children can use cookie cutters and they love to smear icing! Cool solution for a boring day!

In fact, any cake decorating is a "kewl" solution to a boring day! Happy decorating! Good luck for your special team and thanks for dropping by!