Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick and Easy Fruit Torte!

What do you do when you're in Lisse, Holland and you have less than the desired supplies, counter space, and equipment (!) to create your own home-baked torte?  Something I'm really good at, you improvise! 

I've been to Lisse three times in the last year and each time I find it so frustrating that either I can't find the supplies I need as they don't stock it or I don't know enough Dutch to read the package much less communicate to the clerk just what it is I need!  (And the crazy thing is they speak English as well!) But each trip I bring something with me to help; either spices or decorating tools, measuring items, etc.  Still there's always something on the list they don't have!

This time I wanted to make a torte for a dear friend of mine who recently had a baby and was coming to visit.  I didn't have much time so I couldn't spend a day piddling around looking from store to store for what I needed.  I decided to throw together a fruit torte.  I figured I could come up with something!  And I did!

In Europe they carry these pre-made, un-filled torte layers that are ideal for what I was making!  It's very fresh and very delicious!

I've checked on the internet and they don't sell this particular brand in America.  Sorry ladies!  It might be possible to find another brand there.  After picking up a few pre-made items such as this, custard and whipped cream and of course my fruit, I headed back home to "get 'er done"!

I separated the layers and used a sharp knife to poked holes in the cake so the custard would soak through.  Then spread a nice jam on the first and second layers, then a good 1/8 inch (or slightly less) thick of vanilla custard/pudding as I stacked each one and finally banana slices.  On the top layer I spread the custard also and topped it with kiwi and strawberries and whipped cream! 

If you have time before you will be needing it you can leave it without cream topping and just let the custard soak into the cake.  It tastes better this way!  About an hour before you need it add your whipped topping and that way it is also nicely fresh.

And wallah!  Finished!  And nicely presentable and tasty!

I love this kind of dessert!  My friend ate a piece, took two with her and oooops....left the rest with me!  And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  But not the extra pounds!

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