Sunday, July 11, 2010

I worked for a couple years at a Walmart Bakery decorating cakes being my number one responsibility. When I first began I had only decorated one cake in my life; my wedding cake. And I had to teach myself how to do that as it was before the Internet or other resources as such were available (makes me feel old!). The two other individuals I worked with at the bakery had decorated cakes for many years and had owned their own bakery at one time so I had excellent teachers.

It didn't take me long, about one week, to get the hang of what I was doing. I remember the first cake I touched, I plopped a pile of icing in the center and began spreading it. The other ladies just looked at each other in surprise. But one did show me how to use the "easy icer" shortly after. Over time I developed many skills and created some unique cakes that weren't this bakery's normal line of cakes. They ended up making me their "specialty" cake decorator working on projects that the other decorators wouldn't touch.

I'll be posting some of the cakes along with the "how to's" and other ideas that I've uncovered over the last couple of years as we go. Feel free to post your comments and/or questions or link back to my pages.

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