Thursday, July 15, 2010

Frozen Buttercream Transfers

Have you ever wanted to draw something on a cake only to find yourself scraping the icing off and having to redo everything all over again....and again....and again because the icing ran over into another color or looked too sloppy?  Welcome to my world!

On most of the cakes I've attempted to draw on I found myself near the end of completion and then....a goof up!  And you have to either cover it up or scrape it off and start over.  But recently I learned of a new way to put a picture on a cake.  Not with printable sheets but with butter cream icing.  It's called Frozen Buttercream Transfers. 

The way this works is you basically place wax paper over an image of your choice, trace it with buttercream icing, freeze it, then place it on top of the cake!  I haven't gotten to try it yet but I can't wait!  The images below, from the January/February 2006 American Cake Decorating Magazine, detail step by step how to create your own!  I'd like to add one more thing; if you want to give texture to any part of your picture after placing it on the cake you can use additional icing tips such as the grass tip for hair and so on.  This will give it more of a 3-D look.  Have fun!

Here are a couple cakes I did using this method.  One came out terrible and the second (truck) was much better.  I realized it has to be made thick in order to peel it off the paper before it melts!
Disaster  &  18-Wheeler Cake

Until next time........happy baking!